Eden Screensaver

Eden Screensaver

Free animated screensaver featuring a beautiful landscape

In Christian and Jewish traditions, Eden is viewed as a place of beauty, peace and tranquility. This screensaver tries to convey those feelings. It features a good photograph of a mountain scenery with a stream showing a realistic animated effect of moving water. This effect is nicely complemented with a sound effect that conveys a relaxing feeling. The program has a control panel that you can use for customizing several of its features, like the animation speed and quality. Also, you can disable the sound effects and create a playlist using the music you may have in your hard disk. By default, the screensaver shows a clock in the upper left corner, but you can change its placing or hide it altogether. Also, you can set the screensaver's background image as your default wallpaper.
Although it is an enjoyable screensaver, it has a drawback: when installing it, the wizard installs the ScreensaversList toolbar and changes your browser's homepage for the company's website. You can undo this change and uninstall the toolbar, but you may think that the screensaver is not worth the effort.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free


  • You need to let the wizard to install a toolbar and to change your Web browser's homepage
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